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Radon, a radioactive, odorless, tasteless gas produced during the natural decay of uranium, is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking, and the primary cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers. Pitkin County, and much of Colorado, is in the Environmental Protection Agency’s “highest potential” category for dangerous radon build-up in homes, according to the Colorado Department of Health and the Environment.

However, “it’s one of the few environmental exposures that’s easy to reduce,” said city of Aspen Director of Environmental Health Lee Cassin.

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Radon Testing

Testing is the only way to know if you and your family are at risk from radon. Radon Solutions uses modern digital equipment to produce on site results (after 48 hour testing period).

Radon Mitigation

All of the systems installed by Radon Solutions use EPA approved methods which are effective in preventing radon entry. Many radon reduction systems can reduce radon levels in your home by up to 99%.

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Why Choose Radonor Health?

Radon Solutions, LLC is a family owned business established in 2009 to promote environmental health by eliminating radon gas from homes and businesses. Radon Solutions, LLC prides itself with low prices and excellent customer service. Radon Solutions, LLC is a member of industry association N.E.H.A.

What Our Client Says ?

I am a property manager in Aspen, CO and Eric has handled quite a few radon tests and radon mitigation projects at properties I manage. He always shows up on time, does exactly what is agreed upon, completes the work on schedule, and invoices timely. I have had experiences with other companies that were subpar so now I only use Eric and Radon Solutions. Thanks, Eric!.

Benjamin Wolff

Eric dropped everything to fit an installation in before a closing on a house purchase. Great work ethic and customer service!

Mava Leighty

Eric and Radon Solutions are my go-to recommendation for when testing and radon remediation is needed for a home or building in the Roaring Fork Valley. I have used them many times and both my clients and I have been extremely satisfied with their service and results.

Chris Striefel

Eric was efficient, timely and very fair with his price. I highly recommend him.!

Todd Fugate

Excellent!!! Eric and company did another great job!!! Always quick and efficient!!

Pati Hensle

Eric and his team of qualified professional are who we recommend when assessment and mitigation are necessary.

Lynn Kirchner

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